Let us help you keep track of your contracts

Qnova helps to minimize administration and reduce cost.

contract management

Save time with smarter contract management

All these agreements and services are crucial, but a bit boring. But they are important to keep the IT department running smoothly.

We have seen that many companies lack any good overview and control of these agreements. Some has termination times that is important so you don’t get extra costs. Others like certificates if not renewed in time and correctly could potential make your business come to an halt because of IT Systems not working any more.

We have a bundle to help your organization, Agreement management for IT-Departments. It will give you an easy overview of all your agreements and notify you when you need to take actions. This will make your work much easier and you can focus on keeping your customers happy 

Price for contract management for IT

What does contract management cost?

Monthly cost starts from 95 Euro

With one Agreement Administrator and five readers
Extra users can be added for 16 Euro per user and month.

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