Since 2004, QNova Systems has developed a web-based CRM system for a customer. The customer was early aware of the benefits of a web-based solution which QNova Systems suggested. An important part to the customer is to be able to continuously adapt and expand the system with time. The customer has himself a high requirement to streamline procedures in their internal processes; quality, minimal administration, orderliness, and where the system shall be able to support them fully.

The customer has a number of collaboration partners where QNova Systems created integrations, connecting for example the order entry module with one of the industry’s leading web shop on the Swedish market, an invoice module so that invoices are generated and fueled into the ERP system automatically. A further example is a smart solution that is based on orders and invoices created in the same procedure and contribute to one work operation less. The system automatically creates an order copy of the executed order and sends it to the client. This is seen as part of creating quality by the client .

QNova Systems are extra proud to continue developing the customer’s system when there on a few occasions was made surveys to see if any of the standard solutions on the market can compete with the proprietary system. The result has always been the same, QNova Systems may continue to develop the system to an even better, stronger and smarter CRM system.

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