Telemarketing is used by various industries in order to reach out to new customers or to explore a new concept. Often this is done by giving a telemarketing company a mission to call on X number of prospects or customers that they are given, e.g. via an excel sheet. This way is quite inefficient if one runs many campaigns simultaneously and wants a real-time measurement of how Telemarketing companies are performing. To send an excel sheet with your customer records can be very controversial from a competitive point of view. What say that the Telemarketing Company does not take your customer list and provides it to your competitors?

By using the system developed by QNova Systems, the Telemarketing Firms in their system with their lists, they can see in real time who work with customer lists and when.

And can thus replace Telemarketing Companies that do not meet the quota of shops / booked visits as agreed.?????

If your company would need a similar system, contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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