Sveriges Television (SVT), the Swedish public service television company, is the latest of our customers to move their on premise installation of Contract Management System to our cloud solution, QNova Live.

A very successful project

The scope of the project has been to migrate SVT’s Contract Management System from an on premise installation to our cloud hosted solution, QNova Live. The project has been very successful and delivered on time and within budget, which we at QNova System believe is confirmation of our quality and maturity when it comes to delivering this type of solutions.

Instead of running QNova’s Contract Management System on premise, SVT has moved to the cloud and are now using QNova Live as a service with access over the web. The solutions is installed in a private cloud and all contracts and agreements are handled using web browsers with authenticating using Office 365 and Active Directory.

The solution, enabling the user to log on to their computer once and get access to the cloud based Contract Management System, has worked flawless. The technique known as Single Sign-on eliminates the need to keep track of additional usernames and passwords for accessing the Contract Management System. This same technique enables regular users to get access to the system using a link on the Intranet which redirects them to a page where they register their SVT email-address to get access to “public” contracts and agreements.

We at QNova are very excited about our continued relations with SVT and also want to thank Elisabeth Ivarsson (SVT) who has had a leading role in the success of the project.

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