There are currently many standard systems for Help Desk and Service Desk issues. QNova Systems customer has slightly different needs based on that they want to offer their clients an overall solution, both the Helpdesk service itself and also the system. This makes it very easy for our customer. They work in the same system regardless of the end-user served. Our client has a total overview of all customer issues, and end-user sees precisely their cases, all in one system.

The system has a very innovative and simple structure but also have features that other systems lack. Each customer can have their unique parameters e.g. Problem categories, which people should be informed concerning that particular company. The system also communicates with the end users who can answer questions asked by the system, without the end user having to log into the system.

The idea is to avoid manual mail flows and get a full picture of all issues. What proved to be extremely important is that our client can offer the end user a good clear understanding of what drains power from the organization in the form of support issues.

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