Spring is here in the southern parts of Sweden and summer is approaching quickly. The evenings are getting brighter and we are moving rapidly against our next goals.


QNova 2015.1 is in progress

We are at the end of developing the new version of our products and as always the customers suggestions are always in focus plus some more extra features that will benefit user productivity.
We are planning for a release of the new version in the end of May. If you have any questions about the new release of our software suite or want to book an upgrade please use the contact form.

Workflow is leaving the platform

In a near future we will offer our flexible workflow application as a service, where our customers will be free from maintaining their own server platform and software licenses.
The platform doesn’t matter anymore, the cloud makes the use of our software easier and better. You access our cloud solution through a web browser and with the smart single sign on solutions that we offer you will be able to login once and access our software.

Login to QNova applications from Office 365

If you are a current user of Office 365, you can use our login connector (Single Sign-on) which will give you easy access to the QNova applications through the Dashboard with only one login.


Because our workflow application can handle more than one type of flow you can use it for Deviations, Reclamation, Improvements, Action plans, Safety checks, Employment onboarding, Employment survey, Customer order, Supplier order, Meeting minutes, Change requests and much more.

We at QNova Systems look bright at the future and want to give you the best possible solutions to bring productivity into your company.

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