Since 1957, AB GotlandsHem been Gotlanders housing company and is a wholly owned company by Region Gotland. AB GotlandsHem owns and manages over 5,300 apartments and 400 premises spread across the island.
Approximately one in seven from Gotland has their home at AB GotlandsHem.
Being a landlord for so many Gotlanders is something AB GotlandsHem are proud and
AB Gotland Hem’s ambition is to be an attractive accommodation with the best service.
The housing stock is varied, from medieval buildings in Visby to modern buildings. In addition, there are student apartments close to the University of Uppsala , Campus Gotland.


AB GotlandsHem have in their quality work chosen QNova Document Management as its solution to gather all their processes, procedures and instructions.
Helena Olofsson , Business Controller at AB GotlandsHem , leading the effort to collect the documented information. She confidently look forward to a solution that gives everyone in the company the opportunity to easily find their information.

AB GotlandsHem have therefore chosen to use the built-in web-based user interface to via QNova Portal publish their documents for all employees.
One of several important requirements of AB GotlandsHem where to get started quickly. In two weeks installation , workshop and trainings were implemented.

If you are interested to get started with a management system, contact QNova Systems.

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