Fully charged and with lots of energy, we look forward to this coming fall.

We are excited to inform of a continued positive spiral at QNova. This fall we will focus on usability in our solutions. As a first step, we will be launching a
new version with multi-browser support. We have also noticed an increased demand for using our system on mobile clients. Read more about our mobile solutions below.

A new employee joins the consulting group

At the beginning of the summer we were 10 employees, soon to become 11. We would like to welcome Johan Hagsér to QNova.
Johan is 35 years old and has worked as an IT-consultant and will strengthen the group with his knowledge around Microsoft and SQL Server.
With a number of exciting projects ahead we look forward to getting to know Johan who is joining us on August 24th.

QNova 2015.2 – A version with focus on multi-browser support

We are in the process of upgrading our existing customers to QNova 2015.1. Meanwhile, the next development project is on it’s way. Our latest version has been focused on multi-browser support.
With this enhancement it will be possible to use QNovas products regardless of choice of browser client.


Document management on mobile clients

Our customers have shown great interest in QNova Mobile.
This coming fall, one of our existing customers will start using QNova Document Management on mobile clients. We have developed an application for document management that makes it easy for users
to navigate and read documents. This is a big step in the right direction where the end user gets a totally different user experience and can always be sure to access the latest version of the document available.
This way, you can easily read the important business documents wherever you are as long as you have a smart phone or tablet with connectivity.

document management for mobile

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